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Inflatable Boat Lift Alternative

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Barnacle Barrier™ is your solution to those undependable Inflatable Boat Lifts!


Barnacle Barrier™ is a hull protector for your boat, and an in water dry storage solution for any boat hull type. Barnacle Barrier™ is designed to be very discreet in design unlike those ugly boat lifting devices. With this system, your boat maintains its natural floating state where your boat is most stable. With Barnacle Barrier™  you will avoid all of the in water docking problems boats are subjected to like: corrosion, barnacles, mussels, sea slime, hull water damage, bottom growth, electrolysis and more. Barnacle Barrier™ innovative anti fouling alternative was originally developed in Australia for a 100% Eco Friendly method of anti fouling for boats that are kept in the water. Go Green with Barnacle Barrier™!

inflatable boat lift
Keep Your Bottom Clean!

Inflatable Boat Lift Alternative

Barnacle Barrier™ advantages:

  • Easy to use, almost zero maintenance
  • Your boat hull will stay dry and corrosion free
  • Doesn't lift your boat out of the water in any manor
  • Most advanced in water anti fouling method world wide
  • Helps preserve the marine Eco System, 100% Eco Friendly
Barnacle Barrier™ operates as an underwater shield for your boat hull. It uses an air-gate system in the rear so your boat an freely enter and exit the system Once your boat is inside Barnacle Barrier™, the air-gate can be raised and then the water is automatically evacuated out of the system, putting your boat in dry storage. Never scrape bottom growth from your boat hull again, and keep your boat DRY while it is in the water! AUTO WATER EVACUATION SYSTEM
Barnacle Barrier™ is equipped with an automatic water evacuating system that removes all of the water your boat is sitting in once inside the barrier shield. The barrier shield is made of an exclusive extremely durable Kevlar 29 interwoven composite fabric that is coat with polymer resins to make it water proof and resist bottom growth. Once all of the water is removed, the barrier shield forms to your boat hull creating a barrier between all the damaging effects of bottom fouling and salt water corrosion. If any water was to enter Barnacle Barrier™ for any reason like rain or wash, the water evacuation system will automatically remove any of that water and shut off once the system senses the water has been removed.

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  • No expensive damaging toxic anti-fouling bottom paint
  • No expensive and dangerous boat lift
  • Your boat can be kept Dry while still in the water
  • Keep your boat floating where it can be easily used
  • Protects your boat bottom from growth, leaks, and corrosion
  • Lets you clean your boat hull while your boat is in the water


Barnacle Barrier™ is made with materials that hold up to the harsh marine environment that any ocean going vessel owner has experienced. Polymers and PVC are what makes up Barnacle Barrier™ almost entirely, making it require almost zero maintenance. Barnacle Barrier™ is designed to resist excessive hard bottom growth on the barrier shield, and the barrier shield can be cleaned by a boat bottom cleaning technician simply with a scrub brush if any growth becomes excessive. Unlike your boat hull, bottom growth does not need to be totally removed from the shield, only enough to keep the system floating. Barnacle Barrier™ systems generally go un touched for years with no need for bottom shield cleaning. Barnacle Barrier™ is designed to absorb all of the abuse that your boat otherwise would be subjected to. Barnacle Barrier™ is designed for easy assembly that almost anyone can perform. The bottom shield can also be patched or easily removed and changed while your boat is still in the system if any unsightly damage were to occur for any reason.


  • Cleaners and chemicals used for cleaning your boat are toxic to marine waterways. If your boat is in Barnacle Barrier™ wwhile you are cleaning it, all of those chemicals will be trapped inside the barrier where they can be pumped out by the water evacuation system in a container for proper disposal instead of damaging the marine environment time and time again.
  • Oil and Gas spills can happen while you are working on your boat boat motors, Barnacle Barrier™ will contain these spills for proper clean up instead of releasing it into the waterways.
  • Floating trash that could potentially harm your vessel will never come in contact with your hull or rigging.
  • Misc items that fall overboard such as keys, tools, cell phones, etc, can be caught by Barnacle Barrier™ in many cases so they can simply be recovered by picking them up out of the dry barrier.

Barnacle Barrier™ Inflatable Boat Lift alternative is made to last without any servicing for many years. These systems are user friendly and are very forgiving to docking errors. Barnacle Barrier™ Inflatable Boat Lift alternative doesn't rely on inflatable air bags, pontoons, or balloons to lift the boat out of the water where it is unstable and potentially dangerous. Barnacle Barrier™ systems doesn't require constant monitoring like inflatable boat lifts do. This inflatable boat lift alternative is extremely strong, and holds up to bottom growth, salt, water, wind, rain, and shine. Barnacle Barrier™ is the #1 anti-fouling in water dry boat storage system world wide for Sustainability, User Friendliness, Easy Maintenance, Low Price, Durability, and Long Lasting.

Why Barnacle Barrier™?

  • Easy to Use
  • Made mainly of materials that can last 100+ years in salt water
  • Bottom Barrier Shield can be replace easily if damaged
  • Speedy order turn around
  • Most inexpensive anti fouling solution

 Why not other systems like Inflatable Boat Lifts?

  • Inflatable balloons make for an ugly sight
  • Makes your boat extremely unstable to wind and wake
  • Inflatable balloons will harden, degrade, and crack over time resulting in possible catastrophic boat damage
  • A balloon can be punctured causing your boat to be extremely un-even and potentially flip over
  • Expensive
  • Not user friendly


Barnacle Barrier™ simply ties to your dock the same method as your boat. Like a buoy or boat fender, this system simply floats around your boat and only comes out of the water 3 inches. This system does not lift your boat in any manor. Theses systems are not an aesthetic nuisance and generally go un noticed. There is no fixed or dock mounted hardware with Barnacle Barrier™ unlike the air dock inflatable boat lift devices.

Print this informational guide and submit it to your local ruling if in question of the allowance of Barnacle Barrier™ .PDF Document

Inflatable Boat Lift Alternative!
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