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Barnacle Barrier™ is the most innovative anti fouling system on the market for your boat. It is completely portable, requires little to no maintenance for years, and costs a fraction of what bottom painting your boat or a boat lift would cost.


Bottom painting your boat will decrease its value by sometimes up to 30% and reduces your speed up to 50%! Bottom paint definitely makes that nice looking boat look more like something that would belong in that old run down storage yard. Bottom paint is very expensive, extremely toxic to marine life and requires allot of maintenance. Since the whole "Go Green" act, some bottom paint companies preach how their paint is not toxic to marine life, well if that is true then you should be able to drink the paint with no harmful effects. There is no bottom paint that is completely non toxic to the micro organisms that attach to it. Micro organisms in the intercoastal marine areas end up making up a large percentage of all the life in the ocean. Generally boats left in the water with bottom paint need to be scraped monthly by a bottom cleaning technician and needs to be re painted ever 1-2 years! Scraping doesn't sound to comforting... To repaint your boat, it must be hauled out of the water by a bottom painting boat yard, then the bottom needs to be cleaned, then sanded, then primed, and then re painted with that nasty tar like toxic paint. Not fun as we have done it many times thought the years before we created Barnacle Barrier™.



An inflatable boat lift or air dock is nothing more than an unstable glorified balloon or set of balloons that you inflate under your boat. Many problems exist with this method of antifouling. Once your boat is up on one of these rigs, it is very wobbly. With just a little wind or wake, inflatable boat lifts seem extremely unsafe for your boat. We know this from years of personal experience. Because of our experience, Barnacle Barrier™ was developed to be superior to any inflatable boat lift.

  • Once your boat is up on the balloons, it is now in the most unstable position possible
  • If a balloon springs a leak, now your boat will become lop sided on the balloons making it prone to rolling or possibly taking on water and sinking
  • They require constant attention
  • They look absolutely horrible
  • Many marinas and cities don't allow them because of their danger
  • Requires close attention to boat positioning / alignment to prevent damage
  • Requires dock mounted control station that generally requires a permit to install

A Bad Scenario: While you are away on vacation, a fisherman tries to catch the big one by casting his sharp hooked fishing lure next to your inflatable boat lift. Well, he isn't that good at casting so his lure ends up landing on one of your balloons. He tries to jerk the lure from the balloon but instead it snags and puts a tiny hole in it. Now your boat is beginning to slowly lower only on one side of the transom, soon your boat is taking water over the transom. Or even worse, your boat begins to actually roll off the balloons!

The number of problems Inflatable Boat Lifts can experience are too many for comfort.

Inflatable Boat lift Air Dock systems are marketed as the simple alternative to regular boat lifting devices for keeping your boat in Dry Storage while docked, they didn't exactly succeed in that task.

Print this informational guide and submit it to your local ruling if in question of the allowance of Barnacle Barrier™ .PDF Document

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