Ideas and Suggestions for Funny Kayak Names

Do you need to name the kayak you bought? If not, but if you decide to, it will create a lot of enjoyment. Our ideas for fun kayak names we’ve put together in this guide are sure to help you to think about it.

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It is a funny thing that occurs when you label your belongings. You are more attached to them, and generally being a person of the moment, you are also inclined to take better care of them.

We definitely hope so when you decide on a unique and enjoyable name for your kayak. Kayaks are often able to take on their own unique personalities If you’re struggling with the perfect name It’s a good idea to take a moment to listen to the message your kayak is giving you. This article should provide plenty of concepts and inspiration.

Why did you name your kayak?

If you’re looking to create your own brand name for your kayak simply let your creativity go free! Check out our suggestions for ideas. Based on your interests it’s possible to use words that you’ve seen in your favorite films.

If you’re competing in a race in kayaks or a canoeing contest on rough waters, you could be able to distract the competitors by mentioning the names of the kayaks you use for a while. You can also try to intimidate them by using names such as “Blood Trail” or “Terminator”.

Names for kayaks are just one of those things you are unable to make. It’s better to wait and let the right name pop up at the right moment instead of trying to make something sound right.

Although we hope that these enjoyable kayak names will give you plenty of choices to pick from, it’s evident that the list can be a lot longer. The name you choose for your kayak should reflect the design and personality.

Funny Kayak Names

Ole YellerThe PulseBluewater
Ruby IIISnow PeaUgly Betty
Little CloudPurple HazeRipper
Arctic BlastHobie Wan KenobiUSS Titanic
Bonnie and ClydeSquishyVision
Orange JuliusSidewinderSunshine
Lil’ RedBachelor Pad-dleDrifter
No-Mo-TorIsland HoppaTippy
Shark BaitThe YuckAttackThe Barge
The Paddy WagonBattlestar KayakticaSerenity

Examples of how to write the name of a kayak in different fonts


Creative Kayak Business Names

Swift Rowboat ProBig Outrigger CanoeSurf Kayak
The StableMiniature Dinghy PlaceStiff Totter
The Frail CanoeCanoe CraftRed Dinghy Collective
Fiberglass Vessel CollectiveCanoe BoatModern Craft Spot
The WhiteLightweight WhitewaterSail Canoe Spot
Built Vessel PlaceCanoe Big BoomThe Right Flatwater
Overturned Vessel SpotCraft GroupCostly Vagabond

Unique Kayak Names

Meek IronySea EstaTender Scamp
Mystical MusicSavvy FateSea Hag
One AyeSinkerThat one
Swell TimeLing A LingSnagga
Take-TwoBubbaPlastic Battleship
SlayerTub ToyPETA  Hooker
Lil’ RedSore ButtArm A Get’s (for the paddled kayak)
Shake A Leg (for the Hobbies)Bottom BangerBad Buoy
O-Sea-DKnotty MomentBerth Control
Boaty CallMistressEat, Drink, and Re-marry
Cruisin’ CaveAquaholicHakuna Matata
Reel TimeNice AftReel Therapy
ArtifishalFishful ThinkingThe Rod Father
The Incredible HullFishin’ ImpossibleWhy Knot?
Ships-N-GigglesIts O-fish-AlFishy Business
E-fishin-CReel BusyKick-Aft
Knot WorkingFin-ishedFin-ominal
Grand Fin-aleFin-ickyRe-Fin-ed

Pun names kayak

Tug of WarWake MeThe Oar Kid
Crew ZingWee Shell SeaKeel Over
Sea, Sea, SeñorHum A TunaAnn Harbor
Nuts and BoatsPier-FectionWhale Out of Line
Deserted I LandA Sea, D SeaBrain Sturgeon
The Porpoise of LifeHuffin’ PuffinThe Knot Sea Party
Tide In KnotsCod Bless YouMy Buoy Toy
All SwellBay O’WolfShip Off the Old Block
Sails PitchTruant SeaGerman Ship Herd
Imp Port TentHull-O!Gull Oar Buoy

Best and cool kayak names

Sir Serene SailCurrent CastleYoung Yesterday
Cold ClicheBriny BoatMy Minor Mariner
RockStableThe SubmarineLiberella Club
The Whitewater JourneyVessel SpotIntrepid Voyages
Glass BoxBushwalking PlaceCosmoness
Paddling CollectivePro GuidesArctic circle Snorkel
The Air SubaqueousFirst WetsuitPaddling Group
Single SchnorkelTravel TrekCleaner Paddle
Journey to AdventureWorld Submerged CoBlueStar River Rafting
Subaqueous PlaceSailWetsuit Group
Southern Tour Of DutyKundalika River RaftingOutside for the Count
Teddy’s River VenturesVenture ExcursionsSpectacular Bushwalking

Lifestyle Boat Names

Trivial FishBorn To Dance Midlife Crisis 
Magic Dancer Turning Point Break The Bank 
Mission Possible ExplorerMagic Happens
Six PackLoose EndsJust Add Water 
Never Again Thief Of TimeOut Of Touch 
Wanderlust PainkillerKilling Time
Point Of View Balancing Act Brave New World 
Pure & NaturalCold Turkey Men Behaving Badly 
Full CircleRefuge Unbuttoned
Brief Recess Coming Up Roses Precious Time 
Clean Sweep Sentimental JourneyFree Spirit
A Better Tomorrow FairylandIn The Mood
Prince Of Tides DriftwoodCashed In
DreamworksFreewillNo Ties
Chosen Destiny OvertimeSeason Ticket 
HellbentUrban EscapeWings Of Magic
Making Waves Wonder WorkerSpellbound
Ultimatum Value AddedAll The Way Stop Gap
A Fine RomanceAnything GoesSplash Of Love 
CredenceThe PulseTrade-Off


We hope that this article was insightful and that it brought joy to your face. Certain names may be less funny than others, but they all are unique kayaks that can navigate one of the most gorgeous oceans in the world.

After reading this article, you’re just one step away from naming your personal kayak. We hope you have the best of luck with your name and your future kayaking adventures!

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