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I’ve selected some of the top kayaking blogs on the Internet in an attempt to highlight the best of them. Based on the top list of kayaking blogs and social media activity, we have created this ranking. Our ranking is completely unbiased.

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vankayak.comAdam van Koeverden runs this kayaking blog. His blog mainly documents his travels and experiences around the globe, as he is a sprint kayaker from Canada. In addition to writing about his experiences and personal opinions, he also writes about his previous experiences.1
kayakfishingblog.comIt is a great resource for finding information about kayaks and accessories, how-to-do instructions, and news about the kayaking world.2
blazinpaddles.comWith Blazin’ Paddles’ full-day or half-day guided kayaking tours, you can safely explore the Black Canyon and take home amazing memories of a sustainable adventure on the Colorado River.3
gilisports.comAnother versatile blog covers a variety of topics, especially paddle surfing. This blog is not only a reliable source of information on all things camping, surfing, and hunting, but also a great store of related products!4
wowtravel.meThe blog offers you the most up-to-date information about tourism around the world. Also, the authors of the blog offer you the best equipment for kayaking, travel gear, and clothing for travel.5
florida-adventurer.comA great blog about kayaking. Also on this site, you can book amazing Florida Bioluminescent Kayaking Tours near Orlando and Cocoa Beach.6
paddlinglight.comThe site provides paddlers with online resources. It offers information on lightweight kayaking and canoeing, how-to articles, trip reports, adventure stories, kayaking plans, and reviews. Do-it-yourself culture promotes self-direction. Growing paddlesport participation promotes wilderness protection. Our mission includes protecting and preserving national, state, and local lands.7
lifejacketadvisor.comThe authors of the LJA blog, write about how to help other water enthusiasts find the perfect life jacket for themselves, their family, and even their dogs. It’s a trusted source of information on everything related to camping, surfing, and other water sports.8
kokatat.comThe Kokatat blog is dedicated to paddling sports apparel and gear from the team in Arcata, CA. You’ll also find documentation of the adventures the team goes on, as well as a number of detailed how-tos to help you whether you’re a beginner or an experienced paddler.9
nols.eduNOLS is a nonprofit global wilderness school that seeks to help you step forward boldly as a leader.10
pygmyboats.comKayaking gear can be found here and it’s an excellent resource. If you’re into kayaking, you’ll find reviews on the blog that covers a wide range of gear, and if you’re not into kayaking, you can look through the blog, maybe it will spark your interest.11
rivrstyx.comA chic blog about kayak paddles. Each one is individually designed and handcrafted by Jim Snyder from select woods to fit your paddling style and needs.12
florida-adventurer.comIn the beginning, this project was intended to share Irene’s whitewater kayaking trips around Seattle, which had been sitting on her hard drive for a long time. There are numerous guest posters on it and it contains a wide range of content.13
gramkajak.comGram Kajak is my hobby as well as my one-man company. It is where I build paddles, rooted in century-old Greenlandic techniques.14
qajaqrolls.comChristopher Crowhurst writes a personal blog. His blog features adventures, kayaking tips, and guides from a Minnesota paddler. Highly recommended!15
canoekayak.comCanoe & Kayak Magazine includes stories, videos, and blogs about the latest techniques, destinations, and videos related to getting out on the water.16
kayaksession.comInternational Whitewater Magazine discusses kayaking trips, freestyle, extreme, creaking, product reviews, expeditions, and more. Throughout the world, Kayak Session has emerged as the leading source of information about whitewater kayaking.17
jacksonkayak.comWherever paddlesports enthusiasts paddle, Jackson Kayak manufactures boats for them. Whitewater kayaks, fishing kayaks, and recreational kayaks are manufactured by this company. In addition to recreation/tourist and fishing kayaks, Jackson Kayak also provides paddlers with championship plans, ideal for paddlers of all ages, sizes, and levels.18
kayakdoorcounty.comThis blog offers a guide covering everything you need to know about fishing accessories, as well as a list of the best fishing kayaks on the market.19
neworleanskayakswamptours.comKayak Swamp Tours in New Orleans allows you to travel through the beautiful swamps and plantations while creating lasting memories. You can take a kayak swamp tour in New Orleans and enjoy the beauty of the swamps and plantations while also creating memories. Small groups are led by fantastic eco-guides.20
bkadventure.comTravel with kayaks is the focus of this international paddlesports magazine. Videos on canoe and sea kayak trips, kayak fishing techniques, boats, paddles & paddling gear tests can be found here.21
riverratguide.comYou will be guided through your kayaking, paddle boarding, and fishing adventures by River Rat Guide. Paddling is one of the topics discussed here, but this guide covers everything in the water!22
kayakconnection.comLocated in Monterey Bay, Kayak Connection offers tips on renting sea kayaks, and stand-up paddleboards, and taking lessons on both activities.23
boardandkayaklife.comReviews of kayaks and stand-up paddleboards, equipment, and accessories for all levels of paddlers and outdoor adventurers. You can read here about the best kayak or SUP for your needs if you’re looking for one.24
sterlingskayak.comSterling’s Kayaks produces a comprehensive line of composite sea kayaks. We always look at new and better ways to improve our kayaks. Using pioneering designs, Sterling’s Kayaks aspires to push actions to the next level.25
paddlingtheworld.comRead the various reviews in this god and find out which paddleboard is best for getting started in this amazing sport!26
bearfoottheory.comKayakers from the International Pyranha team are featured on this blog. Discussions about their expeditions can be found here.27
ileneinakayak.comProfessional sea kayak guide Ilene Price writes a Kayaking blog on her day trips to Alaska and multi-day trips to the Caribbean in Panama.28
kayakfisherly.comOur goal is to provide kayak anglers and paddlers with an outlet to obtain the kayak fishing equipment they require.29
chelseakayakclub.co.ukThere is only one club in London dedicated to sea kayaking and touring, the Chelsea Kayak Club.30
kayakanglermag.comWe will provide you with tips on how to plan your first kayak trip and tell you everything you need to know about buying your first kayak.31
elainecampbellkayaking.comThis blog is about white water kayak and kayak adventures. You can also buy different equipment and read reviews about them.32
paddleandpedal.ieIn Paddle and Pedal David shares his passion for teaching and sharing his knowledge about kayaking with effective paddling techniques and modern teaching styles, he believes that all kayakers should continually develop their paddling skills and teaching methods.33
yakgear.comWith a wide range of available rigging and accessories — and new products in development all the time — YakGear aims to help paddle sport enthusiasts take to the water on their own terms.34
canoeandkayakoregon.orgIn addition to flat-water canoeing, kayaking is also involved with Canoe & Kayak Oregon. Paddling in Oregon is encouraged by Canoe & Kayak Oregon, which enhances paddling experiences.35
paddle4life.euVisit our adventures page for product reviews and guides. With the purpose of holistically enriching everyone’s lives, we are using the natural environment of the rivers to help everyone relax, respect, and be harmonious and educated.36
bestinflatablekayaks.netAnother terrific blog covering a wide range of kayaking topics. This blog is your trusted source for a variety of reviews on everything kayaking-related, I recommend it.37
paddlingmag.comInteresting site with information about boat mechanisms, running, skills, racks, and journals.38
freyahoffmeister.comThe blog of Freya Hoffmeister, also known as “Freya Shakti” or “Goddess of the Love of the Seas,” is a highly-skilled open ocean paddler who has paddled two of the world’s greatest circumnavigations in sea kayaks as well as numerous island records.39
gregstamer.comGreg Stamer’s site, shares daily details of his kayaking trip, texts, thoughts, and images. Some experiences are really better shared.40
baysports.com.auA blog where you will find tips, reviews, and news about inflatable kayaks, stand-up boards, and paddling gear.41
bombflow.comToday’s kayak and watersports community have an alternative media outlet in Bomb Flow. Dedicated to documenting the life and times of our active counterculture, we are a passionate and inspiring movement. 42
paddleabout.comWhether you are a beginner or have some experience, picking the right kayak gear can make or break your experience. Do you want to have the right gear to make your adventure enjoyable? Then you’ll love this blog.43
globoguide.comGlobo Guide is a blog about reviews and guides about kayaking gear.44
worldpaddleassociation.comAs Stand Up Paddling continues to grow rapidly and we need to provide direction and focus, we feel there is a need to help provide rules and guidelines for competitive SUP events in the United States.45
whereisbaer.comKayaking through rough water is only part of the adventure, capturing places and being able to share them with the world is very intriguing.46
seasurfdirt.comWords & pictures on bicycle travel, bikepacking, sea kayaking, & street photography by Cornwall-based adventurer & photographer Mike Hayes.47
oars.comOARS is now the largest and most geographically diverse river outfitter in the West with destinations and unparalleled experiences on over 35 rivers and coastlines of the world.48
expeditionkayaks.comThrough his registered National Training Provider, Rob Mercer Sea Kayaking, Rob is Australia’s best known and most respected sea kayaking coach. Individuals and small groups can benefit from his commercial instruction (including expedition preparation, surfing, rolling skills, and instructor training).49
kayakspoint.comDuring the past six years, we have written about kayaking, boating, and general outdoor adventures. Our writers are passionate about bringing your favorite topics to life – fishing, hiking, and more – in a friendly and relatable manner.50

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